I'm a ... "I'll know it when I see it person", when it comes to my home.

I have an idea of things I need and want, but I'm not quite sure until I see something. And when I see the perfect piece I just know it!

Take my family room for example...

I really needed a... something... for my family room. To go against a long wall. 

I first tried a tall hutch-like piece I already had... but it did not fill up enough space. It was too wide and hard to get around it.

So I started looking for a... a... buffet or sideboard... or counter... or cupboard. 

It had to be tall-ish and not very wide  because it was going to fit close to the sofa.

It also had to be a piece I could paint... with maybe.. some glass doors and shelves in it.

And it had to be a good buy! After all, I love love love a bargain!

I looked for months and months.

This piece was not going to be easy to find!

One day last week I was looking around the Pottery Barn Outlet, one of my favorite haunts, and came across this piece!

It was a bit taller than the other  buffets... sideboards...counters and cupboards I had bee looking at.

Great, perfect height!

It also was quite narrow.... a quality that was the hardest of all to find.

It also had shelves and glass doors.

And it was marked down to $999.00, way out of my price range... and then marked down again to $99.00!

Yes, you read that right!

I looked it over from top to bottom and there was not a scratch or dent on it!

It was solid wood, no particle board or veneers.

Why the huge markdown on such a quality piece?

 I tried the doors and they worked fine. The glass was in perfect condition. The shelves were level!

What made such a beautiful piece so... well, cheap?

Can you tell? Take a good look at the picture above!

It finally dawned on me... this piece was a top of a hutch!

It had fooled me! I really took me awhile to figure it out!

The bottom piece was missing.

Everything about it was perfect... but it was a hutch top! The bottom of the piece gives it away.

Even so, I knew it would be perfect for the family room. Not letting a little thing like it being a hutch top stand in my way I bought it, stuffed it in the back of my car and brought it home!

It fit perfectly! 

Once I got the "piece" in  I decided to hold off on the paint until we put the hardwood floors in RIGHT AFTER CHRISTMAS (do you hear me Bobby!). The dark wood added some much needed depth to my  family room decor!

We hung the round mirror over it and I am now in the process of decorating it.

I have a new quest... I'm now looking for baskets to put under the "piece" to hide the back of it.  

I've not found any yet that are perfect for the "piece". But I will!

We have decided to call it a "console". Not sure why. A buffet or sideboard... or counter... or cupboard just didn't sound right for this piece.

And it is not longer a hutch top... it has been upcycled!

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