StoneGable's farmhouse kitchen is finally dressed up for Christmas.

This year, as in years past, I'm using lots of naturals with fun Christmas touches!

Come on in... have a mug of hot chocolate and let's look around...

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Because my kitchen works for it's keep, decorations are kept to a minimum. However, at Christmas I bend the rules just a bit... especially on the island!

Live Cyprus trees in white bowls topped with white sparkly stars sit atop and beside an old-style sled.

The big Cyprus trees have pinecones at their base.

If they make it through the season, I'll plant them outside. I'm not great with indoor plants so I give them less than a 50/50 chance! But maybe there will be some Christmas magic and these little Cyprus trees will survive!

A white lantern lights the way! At night the single light from the lantern is beautiful!!!

Don't these red and white aprons remind you of candy canes?

This time of year I'm wearing the colors of the holiday around the kitchen!

Oh, yummuy! A candy cane in each apron's pocket!

And here's a treat for everyone who comes into the kitchen...

The Earl Of StoneGable overlooks the Christmas kitchen...

Earl came from THE EVERYDAY ON LINE SHOP to live here at StoneGablre. Isn't he a handsome pig!

The little shelf below Earl is so fun to decorate for Christmas!!!!

A small pitcher of candy canes is tucked up high. I sure hope no one can reach them... I LOVE peppermint and these candy canes have my name on them!

On the other side of the shelf, my little topiary is ready for Christmas too! 

 Blue and white dishware is classic farmhouse! I'm on the lookout for small bowls, creamers, etc. to grace this shelf.

The little cupcake stands holding the pinecone candle came from THE EVERYDAY ONLINE SHOP TOO. I use them so often... and not just for cupcakes!

The very first thing I cooked when Earl came to live above my cooktop and oven was BACON!!!! I actually felt guilty and wanted to throw a dishtowel over his head so he wouldn't have to see it!

I love having Earl in my farmhouse kitchen!

I hung small wreaths on black and white plaid ribbon in all the glass front cabinets. I use black and white liberally at StoneGable... even at Christmastime!

Bobby doesn't know this yet, but 2014 is the year we get glass fronts in the top kitchen cabinets at StoneGable... just after hardwood floors in the family room and a new patio and walkway in the back of the house... but before the bathroom makeover.

What would a farmhouse be if it weren't always in a state of remodeling!

Some people have visions of Sugarplums dancing in their heads... I have decorating projects marching like a brass band through mine!

We are such big coffee drinkers!!!!

I have a festive but functional Christmas coffee station on the counter!

I'll share more about that next week.

Oh yummy, more candy canes! Big glass jars of sugar and flour and... candy canes!

This little boxwood tree sits in a vintage crock I found at a local antique shop. People in my area used to make sour kraut in these crocks! It is Pennsylvania Dutch country, after all!

My breakfast room, just off the kitchen, is set up for a Christmas morning buffet. We will eat a huge Christmas brunch in the formal dining room.

Our Christmas brunch is even bigger than dinner... really we eat a cozy supper by the fire late Christmas night. There is something so special about our little Christmas supper. Sweet and quiet and content!

Notice a theme?  Black and white and Cyprus on the the table...

I hope you have enjoyed my Christmas farmhouse kitchen!

Merry Christmas!

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