It's not Christmas at StoneGable until the aroma of cloves and cinnamon and orange and other wonderful spices is wafting through the air!

I've made Simmering potpourri for decades... tweaking it for different seasons and holidays.

Here's an easy to make simmering potpourri... a Christmas Potpourri... to fill your home with the unmistakable smell of of the Christmas season...

No room spray or candle can recreate the aroma of real spices and other Christmas goodies gently simmering on the stove!!!!


StoneGable Christmas Simmering Potpourri
dried lemon peel
whole cloves 
star anise
dried cranberries
cinnamon sticks
dried orange peel
mulling spices ( I buy a big inexpensive container)

Mix all the ingredients together and put into a pretty jar.

I used a Weck canning jar.

To Simmer:

Add a few tablespoons of potpourri to a small pot of water. Simmer on low heat. Remember to check it often. As the water evaporates add more water.

STONEGABLE TIP: I set a timer and carry it with me to remind me that I have the potpourri on the stove!

Christmas Simmering Potpourri would make a lovely gift.

 I have a gift exchange next week and I'm giving a jar of the potpourri tied up with twine and a sprig of blue juniper!

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