Everyday now our mailbox at StoneGable is filled with Christmas cards! We LOVE getting them! 

But what do you do with all of them. We want to cherish and remember all the friends and family that thought about us this Christmas season and shared their love and Holiday wishes through the mail.

Here's a pretty and creative way to display and do something nice for everyone that sends a Christmas card your way...

Why not collect them in a pretty bowl? As Christmas cards flood in, I tuck them in a large round dough bowl filled with faux greens and Christmas balls and keep them displayed where they can be seen and shuffled through.

Easy and pretty and meaningful!

My family loves to see who is sending cards or pictures and we all want to catch up on any "news"!

But what do you do with them after Christmas?  Here's a wonderful idea I got from  Victoria my WONDERFUL daughter-in-laws mother...

Victoria keeps all the cards she receives and each night after Christmas before dinner a card is picked and everyone at the table prays for that family! I love this idea! What a wonderful "gift" to give back!

Her whole family can enjoy a Christmas card all over again... even if it's May... and remember the sender in prayer!

Here at StoneGable, we are adopting and adapting this idea! I'm going to start keeping all cards, not just Christmas ones and letters too... and they are all going in the bowl after Christmas.

How about you? Maybe we can start a new Christmas card tradition...

Want to join in?

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