I remember saying my nightly prayers as a little girl. Every night... without fail! They were part of the nightly routine... brush teeth, wash face, say prayers!

Somewhere between being a young teenager and a college student nightly prayers just faded away. I'm not sure why. 

Up until today I have not prayed at night on a regular basis. But that is about to change...
Now my nightly routine goes like this...

Brush teeth, wash face...

I'm usually exhausted and fall into bed half asleep before my head hit s the pillow or I fall asleep watching the news or the cooking channel. Praying is not foremost in my mind.

Let's pretend for just a minute...

Let's pretend that you are hosting a big family dinner. Family comes to your home from all over. You have gone all out and prepared a fabulous, delicious meal! Everyone happily partakes of your home, hospitality and effort.  Then they leave... all of them without saying a word... not one word! No thank you! No, honest compliments on the great dinner... no good byes! No hugs!  No I love yous...they just leave! How would you feel?

Maybe that is how God has felt all these years when I don't have the time, energy or inclination to just say thank you and good night!

Starting tonight I am making the effort to talk to God, even for just a little bit, before I go to sleep... every night! Without fail, God willing!

I want to tell Him thank you for at least one thing... I want to pray for one person that crossed my path... I want to tell Him I love Him... and tell Him why! Then I can commit my night and life into His nail-pierced hands and rest!

How about you?

 If you are not regularly praying at night why don't you join me! Let's start a new nightly routine that ends with a little prayer time with our Father!


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