I love staying in fancy hotels... okay, luxury or boutique hotels! I probably could live in one! It's all about the special amenities and beautiful bedding and decedent room service and fluffy towels and ... I could go on and on!

Obviously, I don't get to stay in those hotels often.  But just recalling my infrequent stays makes me feel relaxed and pampered!

That's just the way I want StoneGable guest to feel!

We are having guests this week and I'm getting the guest rooms ready...

Here is a list of 10 essentials for creating a cozy guest room...


The most basic essential of an inviting guest room is that it must be clean and uncluttered! Scrub, scrub, scrub every nook and crannie!  Clean all the bedding and air out the pillows.

Keep most personal items out of this room. I like my guest rooms to have a very fresh and clean look with some open space. Guests usually bring a lot of things with them and can fill up a room quickly with their own stuff!


I opt for white sheets, blankets and quilts. I can wash and bleach them and they look like new. I buy the best sheets I can afford... there is really a difference!

Wash and make up the bed a couple of days before your guest come. They will appreciate a freshly made bed! Bedding that has been in a linen closet or on a bed for a while looses it's fresh smell.

Just a note on accent pillows... if you love them like I do make sure there is a basket for your guest to toss them into so they don't end up all over the floor and in your guest's way!


This is a must... even if you have overhead lighting. A nice light and side table is a basic essential! Many people like to read before they go to sleep.  I say get rid of overhead lighting... it's way too harsh... and sorta creepy!


Having fluffy clean towels ready for guests in their room saves them from rooting around the bathroom or having to ask you!

 I have all white towels in the house. Again, they are easy to launder and it's so easy to find fabulous high quality ones at deeply discounted prices!!! White towel are always on sale!

I keep the towels in this guest room in a wicker cart (Pottery Barn Outlet). The bottom shelf has a basket with extra magazines.

I'll put a few small bottles of water on the bottom shelf the day my guest arrive and replace them as needed.


I know most of us don't need a clock because we have smart phones, but when we have older guest they may appreciate a clock in the room. It's also important to have enough outlets and plugs near the bed for phone and other electronics.

Here's a side note. I hate  prefer not to have people on their phones during dinner. Collect them in a basket before dinner and distribute them after dessert!


Now this is a tough one! I have stayed at many homes and find that the guest room closet is prime "off season clothing" real estate!  If at all possible clean out the guest room closet or at least a part of it so guest can hang their clothes. Don't forget to supply nice hangers too!

If guest stay more than a night, I like to have two empty drawers in a dresser that they can put their clothes in. Living out of a suitcase for days on end can be messy business!

I also have a luggage rack for my guests.


This is the fun and easy part. I have so many great magazines... so I pack lots of magazines and interesting books that I think our guest would like into a basket near the bed.

Because we live in an area that people come to vacation and tour, I keep lots of brochures and info and maps about our historic area for our guests.

There's lots to read the the guest room!


Most people will keep tissues in the bathroom....but I think they should be stashed in the bedroom. Keep a box near the bed.

I also keep any trial size incidentals that our guest may have forgotten, like shampoo, toothpaste, hairspray, elastic bands, etc. in a box in the guest room closet. Our guest can help themselves to what they need.


Easy peasy... put one in every guest room and empty it every day!


Now this is my wheelhouse! I am the embellishment queen! Adding personal touches is something I love love love to do! 

Flowers are a MUST! Even if they are a $5.00 grocery store bouquet or good looking weeds gathered along the roadside! The are the universal sign of welcome!

When guests come I usually put a picture of them or a loved one in a frame and let them take it home at the end of their stay.

I also put a little basket of goodies... smoked almonds, dark chocolate, granola... things like that... in the guest room. YUMMY! Some guest, no matter how much I insist, are just not comfortable raiding the refrigerator!

I'm getting so excited just thinking about having guests at StoneGable for a few days! My house may not be perfect... and believe me... it isn't!!!! But my welcome it!

Add a comment and tell us other ways to make guest feel at home in your home!!!

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