Garden Planning:

When the calendar flips to March my thoughts turn to gardening. Dreaming of beautiful blooms and lucious veggies I peruse garden books and magazines for new ideas and designs.
Victoria Magazine

Truth be told, I love the IDEA of gardening more than the actual act. Thoughts of digging in the warm summer dirt sounds so romantic in March. But somehow these imaginations lose their appeal in August when oppressive heat and thick tangles of weeds are the reality! There is nothing too romantic about sweat dripping off my nose and green stained fingers!

Country Home

But because it is March and my head is full of horticultural thoughts I am making big plans!  More flowering trees, a perenial border expansion and a new layout for the vegetable garden.

Fine Gardening

This year my heart set on a copper roofed Martin house in the herb garden and architectural elements stategically placed for interest in the vegetable garden. Can you picture slender green beans on lush vines climbing up a big teepee trellis?

Horticulture Magazine

I have just discovered a couple of helpful and fun web-sites that allow you to virtually plan a garden- Vegetable Gardening On-Line and BHG Plan A Garden. These are very user friendly tools with many informative features to help  plan and grow a beautiful garden.

Are you dreaming, schemeing or planning your summer garden yet?