The beautiful ezine Belle Inspiration's Holiday 2010 Issue will be out November 15th! I thought you might like a little preview of two of the articles I contributed to the Holiday issue.

One article centers around a traditional Thanksgiving table with a history of how Thanksgiving came to be in the United States.

I tucked creative tips here and there in hope of inspiring you!

The second article is a recipe and how-to for the scandalously delicious and angelically beautiful Croquembouche! A very impressive dessert!

Instead of a tall tower Croquembouch I made them individual sized! There is something almost magical about getting your very own Croquembouche! Don't let their golden halo of sugar fool you, these are easy to make.

Perfect for a holiday dessert, Croquembouche is a sweet french treat that will be remembered long after the holiday season has passed!

Preview more of this beautiful Holiday Issue by clicking HERE. Belle Inspiration, celebrating joie de vivre, is your destination to imagination!

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Thanksgiving Countdown

Get napkins out and iron them. If you are like me, I don't iron them until I need them. 

Polish silver and when COMPLETELY dry, put in zip lock bags to prevent tarnishing.

If you are using paper products buy them now while the selection is still good.

Big Tip! I use plastic dish pans  (get them at the dollar store) and keep Thanksgiving table dishes, linens, flatware, napkin rings, candles, small plates and everything that goes on the table in them. Mark each item off your Tablescape List by putting a check mark next to the item on the list as you put it in the dish pan. This lets you know it is accounted for. Tuck the dishpans away. Now you will not have to worry about looking for things at the last minute.

I use this technique every time I set a table. Makes my life soooooo much easier!

Look for more dish pan uses!

What are some of your great tips and tidbits for Thanksgiving? We can't wait to hear!!!!