One of the most frequently asked questions I hear from readers concerning tablescapes is, "Is it okay to stack more dishes on a table than you have courses". Can you guess my answer? YES, of course it is! Dishes are usually wisked away before the meal is served anyway!

When I set a table I want my table to be inviting, impressive, decorative and so much more!  Using stacks of pretty plates at each guests place goes a long way to achieve my goal.

Using Autumn tablescapes I thought I'd do a little tutorial on stacking dishes!

This will also help to answer the second and third most asked question I get, "How many dishes do you have?" and "Where do you keep all your dishes?"

I have fewer dishes than you think... I just keep using the same ones over and over again!!! So I have no special spot to keep them. They live in my cabinets, buffet and built-ins!

The first consideration in setting my tables is, What will promote the overall feel I hope to achieve.

If I want a calm and subdued setting I use a limited color palate... and fewer plates.

Using lots of layered plates in different colors gives me a much more busy, lively table!

Plates with high color contrast add big drama!

Low contrast or white is soothing!

One trick I often employ is to use a decorative plate, bowl, or tureen to top off my place setting that continues the theme of my tablescape. An alternative to this trick is to find an object or a little take home gift to sit atop the stack of plates.

This is a BIG money saver too! Small decorative dishes are usually not so very expensive.

Getting creative and tucking little extras between plates also is such a welcoming surprise!

When it comes to stacking plates... I swoon over edges!

So go ahead, STACK EM' UP! Enjoy displaying your dishes!!!

A Autumn Tablescape Lineup...
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Thanksgiving Countdown

You should by now have a nicely organized notebook with your menu, recipes, grocery lists, guest list, who's bringing what list, and a tablescape plan.

As you shop over the next 2 weeks buy all of your non perishable items.

Your next goal is to use up things in your refrigerator. Thanksgiving and the extended weekend means lots of food and leftovers. Eat what you have in the frig so there is room for all the decedent goodies! I have a refrigerator in my garage too. If you have an extra refrigerator, clean it! Get it sparkling clean for the perishable food.

If you are having guests, as we are here at StoneGable, wash bedding and towels. I won't make the beds until a couple of days before my guests arrive. Inspect blankets, quilts and pillows. Make sure they are clean and in good shape.

If you are having any baked goods that can be frozen, start now to bake and freeze!

Pie crusts can be made, formed in disposable pie pans and frozen right in the pan until Thanksgiving. Put them in a sealable plastic bags before freezing.

I am participating in Tablescape Thursday at Between Naps On The Porch. Thank, Susan!