Here at StoneGable the Countdown has begun.... 23 days till Thanksgiving!

We are having a house full of family for Thanksgiving Dinner and the extended weekend. Sharing great food, fun and a gamut of activities builds memories. And I don't want to miss out on one!

So I'm starting early to get ready for Thanksgiving. By being organized and working a little every day, I won't get bogged down, tired  or stressed. Thanksgiving should be a wonderful time for everyone... including the hostess!

Join me as I count down to the big day! Each post I will have a timeline, tip, tidbit or tutorials of how I get ready for "the busiest cooking day of the year"! I hope this will help you too.

But wait a minute! I'm sure you have great advice and tips for a happy Thanksgiving too So please share them. Use my comment box as a forum and share, share, share every day until Thanksgiving. That means you too~ if you visit, leave a great tip behind. Even if you do not have a blog or google account, leave your tip under the anonymous heading ( but sign your name).

Let's all help one another. What fun!

Thanksgiving Countdown~ 23 Days To Thanksgiving!

1. Make and print out a large calendar of November. Use this to write down tasks each day.

2. Make lists and keep them organized in a notebook. Designate one piece of paper for each heading~make bold headings. Spend a little time each day adding to and going over your lists.

Check off items as they are completed.

Use your list~ What good is a list if you don't look at it!

Suggested Lists:
Guest for Thanksgiving
Who's Bringing What For Thanksgiving Dinner
Things To Make
Things To Buy or Borrow/ Not Grocery
Food and Spirits Shopping
Things To Do
Tablescape/Dishes To Use
Cleaning Schedule
Thanksgiving Day Timeline
Thanksgiving Day Chore List
Clean-Up List

Start filling in your lists this week. Set a goal to be done the MENU and GUEST LIST by Friday.

The other lists are ongoing at this point. But make sure you are working on them!

Tip: Be neat BUT not obsessive. It is much nicer and more motivating if you keep lists neat and well organized. You may want to brainstorm on a sheet of paper or Post It (LOVE these) and make a final copy from them.

3. If you are having a fresh turkey order it NOW! I ordered mine today and will pick it up on November 24th. If you are getting a frozen turkey you can wait just a little.

I hope this gets you thinking about Thanksgiving! Everyone deserves a blessed Thanksgiving... especially you!