What do you collect when you walk in the woods? Acorns, moss, feathers, pine cones. How about fallen nests or a pair of naturally shedded antlers?

Today's tablescape is inspired by a walk in the woods on a late fall day. The wanted to evoke a natural, rustic, organic feel.. nothing fussy or overly embellished. And that is hard for me, I LOVE to embellish everything!

Pulling an old worn utility table out of the garage and setting a table in the side yard adds to the natural, no fuss feel. This table was my grandmother's. It's the real thing, chippy and worn with years and years of use.

Each place is set with woodland inspired earthenware. I got these gorgeous pieces from The Elegant Setting in South Hampton. They were on sale for $5.00 a piece!

One scene features this handsome buck exquisitely drawn...

And the other plate features a beautifully fat and furry rabbit.

Made in France, Gien china has been produced for almost 200 years. "Sologne" is named for a region in France where wildlife is abundant.

The dinner plates have a rim of leaves, grasses and feathers.

Keeping the color scheme very subtle I did want to bring in the aqua so delicately painted on the plates. Soft aqua dishes (HomeGoods) were layered between the Gien. The edges gently curve and have soft brown rubbed markings.

A grapevine wreath becomes a charger and is reminiscent of the thickets and brambles in the woods.

Brown marbleized flatware (are you tired of them yet?) and a brown ribbed glass continue the earthy theme.

I made these no-sew napkin for today's table. (For tutorial, click HERE) This beautiful, and NOT so organic print pulls the browns and aquas from the dishes. Although soft, they are far from subdued! But I only used one napkin today, not doubled napkins... restraint!

A feather wreath acts as a napkin ring. Can you see the quiet aqua in some of the feathers?

Neutral earthenware bowls  flecked with a soft brown and sporting lovely ruffled edges will hold a crunchy Apple Cinnamon Crumble with Vanilla ice cream. These were a gift in a  fabulous giveaway basket from Decor To Adore.

The centerpiece sits on my brown turned pedestal. I wanted it to look as if I had gathered things from a walk in the woods and displayed them like a still life study.

Shed antlers, a nest, little pieces of moss, acorns, leaves, pine cones and an assortment of tiny eggs... all combined to appear like treasures  plucked from the floor of a wooded area. No grand arrangement, just a couple of handfuls of nature spilled onto a pedestal!

A simple little table... a natural theme... and an al fresco meal for two!

The Menu

Chopped Apple Salad with Pomegranates Arils
Pomegranate Glazed Cornish Game Hens
(look for recipe and how-to's on Foodie Friday)
Mashed Garlic Potatoes
Braised Brussels Sprouts
Cinnamon Apple Crisp with Vanilla Ice Cream

Hot Chocolate and Coffee

I am participating in Tabkescape Thursday at Between Naps On The Porch. Thanks, Susan for hosting the 115th edition! Stop by and see all the creative tablescapes!

22 Days till Thanksgiving!

For Thanksgiving Countdown post click HERE.

As you make your menu list, copy all the recipes you are using. And add the items you need to your grocery list. Doing this will save time and you are less likely to forget something.

I make a few columns on my grocery list: perishable, non perishable, spirits

Not hosting Thanksgiving? Call your hostess and offer (you might have to insist) to bring something.