On a recent visit to Luckett's I found this dreamy 2 part mirror. Immediately, I knew that it would have a home at StoneGable in my family room. It's white old architectural structure was just the right addition for the evolution of the family room from Tuscan colors and influences to a softer palate and more more tailored look.

Wanting my family room to look like Ballard/Pottery Barn meets Farmhouse meets French/ English meets Traditonal meets collected-things-I-cherish is not easy to transfer from my minds eye to actuality! That transition has the potential of a  train wreck!

Maybe this is a better way to explain my vision...just a nod to some beautiful elements I am seeing in popular catalogues with a French/ English twist. All invited to play together in my Traditional Farmhouse style with the beautiful things I have collected over the years and love.

The real inspiration for this room came from Eastern Market in Washington, DC. I have walked by this magical painting for almost 2 years. It is "Paris On The Sein" by D. Kessler, a local artist. It's primitive yet updated styling and beautiful colors just made me weak-kneed!

Last Mother's Day this lovely piece found a home at StoneGable. I am sad the camera does not do this painting much justice! The colors and sublte tones don't show up well.

It has taken me since late fall to put the "bones" of the room together. Now comes the accents, and embellishing. Editing is hard for me. I tend to fill up space. Decorating restraint is something I am learning. Finding just the right piece and the right price is a talent I am trying to develop too. 

It was easy to leave the Tuscan influences behind... it was time, but that meant a total transformation of our living space. I am showing you just a snippet~ a part that I am working on right now. (Excuse the cabinets and mess in the background, remember Kitchen Facelift)

There is still MUCH work to do! Originally I wanted to put a small drop leaf table under the mirror. It could be pull it out in front of the fireplace for cozy dinners. We bought a gorgeous antique table, but proportionally it was all wrong. I am using it elsewhere in the house.

I know the look I want to achieve in that area, I just have not found the right piece yet... but I will! Do you have any ideas?  I still need pillows, accents and time to think it all out!

I will be posting updates as I rework and finish each area of this room and pass on what I am learning about this new-for-me style.

One thing I HAVE learned is that I like monochromatics and neutrals, but I do need a pop of color! Originally I thought I would use green~ going back to the painting and picking up a bolder spring/lime green.  But having so many blue and white transferware pieces that needed to be displayed changed my mind. I love the traditional weight these blue and white pieces give the room. Brown with blue and white is a favorite of mine.

The most recent addition to the family room is this darling armless chair. It is the perfect size! Found at HomeGood's, it was a very good buy.

I love the trendy fabric! Because this was NOT an investment piece, I can enjoy it for now and when this trend runs it's course I won't feel guilty replacing it.

A great pillow of  blue and white with linen accents will look fetching on this sleek chair. I also thought that a summer slipcover of a blue and white fabric with linen trim might be fun for a brighter look!

The white sofa table, a project I am presently working on,  is almost refinished and I can't wait to share that with you!!!!! Look for a tutorial very soon.

Thing to do in this area:
~ reframe painting of StoneGable. Big linen mat and black frame
~ Pillows in blue/white/browns with great trim
~ Paint pot stand black
~ make topiaries for coffee table
~ purchase baskets for shelf under coffee table
~ find little table or shelf with old corbels for under the mirror
~ blue/white transferware OR all white  garden stool
~ chair by mirror, cover chair seat with ?
~ rework accents on coffee table

What are you working on?

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