Christmas Tree 2009

Evey Christmas I put up a tree all of my own.  This tradition all started when my children were wee little ones. Every Christmas we chop down our tree, and make a big event out of it.  My children loved to trim the tree! Which meant, when our children were young, that only the bottom third of our family tree was decorated with the most ornaments because my children wern't tall enough to reach any higher.  Oh, our family tree is absolutely my favorite. It has all the nursery school, glue and glitter encrusted ornaments and cherished treasures from my children's childhood. But there is a spot in my heart that longed for a creative outlet for the zillions of ideas that I had for decorating a Christmas tree.

It was my husband that suggested that I get a tree and decorate it for myself. He bought me a beautiful (fake) tree, so for the last 20 years I have decorated a grown-up tree. This year we got a new tree, our old tree was looking mighty tired. A beautiful nine foot tree. It is really very life-like. It just about touches our ceiling!

I put the tree in the foyer. It stands solitary and dressed up for guests. I like it here because it is a little unexpected and makes a Christmas statement the minute someone steps inside.

For years past I used tulle and hydrangeas and crystal in my tree, but this year I wanted a little different look. I still kept the same colors, soft yellows, pinks and gold, but added more glitz and that very popular bright green.

 I added bows for the topper and gold mesh garland to wrap the tree in sparkle.

I am so blessed to be able to see so much of my family this next week, that this will be my last post until after Christmas. I am very excited to have this precious time to spend with those I love so much.  I am very grateful for all the wonderful new blogging friends I have made and the kindness so many people have shown.

May the Author of Christmas bless you during this sacred time and in the New Year!
Merry Christams!
With gratitude and love,


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