Pink Saturday- My Favorite Christmas Tradition:

The very definition of Christmas at my house IS Tradition! There are so many Christmas traditions that draw us in and knit us together at this holy and family-oriented time.  So many that it is hard to highlight just one.  What I find so facinating is that these traditions are held dear by each family member yet we all have our favorites, and they are all different.  For me, it is our Christmas Eve tradition. If truth be told, I love Christmas Eve the best. There is something sacred and peaceful about this time.

We all have dinner together as a family and go to Christmas Eve Service.  The church is bathed in candlelight and the creche is resplendantly arrayed with the final addition of the Christ Child.  Beautiful, almost etherial Christmas music is played and the choir's praises and carols sound like angels are singing! As I sit and take it all in, love is all around. My family all together, my church family in one accord, and God's great love full in my heart and surrounding me like a perfect hug! I know what "Peace on Earth" means! Not peace between men, but peace with God. I know this peace...Peace bought with a price...And I am tearfully grateful! 

At the end of the service we all hold candles, lights of hope...promise...lights of faith.  There is no other light in the sancturary, and we sing "Silent Night". This is my favorite! The words describe my world and my heart at that moment...
Silent Night, Holy Night. All is calm, All is bright...

The traditions of Christmas Eve and Christmas day go on. One thing that ties them together is the music. In the background, strains of familiar and wonderful carols and fun seasonal tunes are playing.  Nothing gets me in the Christmas Spirit like the music of the season! I guess this is my second favorite tradition and the one I have a visual representation of for Pink (sorta) Saturday.

I used old sheet music to paint this Jingle Bell picture over. Now it has become part of our Christmas Tradition. So it joined all the decorations I take out and use year after year.

No matter how big, small, silly, sacred, fun, formal or unusual, traditions are like threads that bind our family together to the real purpose and meaning of Christmas... A celebration of Emmanuel... God with us!

May your Christmas traditions encircle your family with love. And may your Christmas be blessed with all of God's great gifts... the most precious One, His Son!

I am joining all the wonderful people who post about their Christmas traditions at Thank you Beverly for hosting one of my favorites!


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