Beautiful Butterfly Tree

I love themed trees! I am always interested in the individual elements and creative ways trees are decorated to portait a central theme.  This beautiful butterfly tree is a wonderful example of using a nontraditional theme and making  it feel like Christmas!

A closer look reveals delicate butterflies in many shapes and colors. An abundance of colbalt blue butterflies overcome the tree giving this color center stage!

Green gossamar fabric ribbon was used to dress up the tree and bring in added color and softness.

Lush foliage, and gold poinsettia fill the tree.


The tree is topped off with a profusion of butterflies on gilded twigs.

Airy golden fabric lay in soft folds at the base of the tree making a glamorous tree skirt.  I love the way the butterflies seem to flutter about the tree!!!!

I must say, this tree has captivated me! It tells me a story- an uplifting tale of  butterfly mystery!

Continue to check back- there are other trees to see! Maybe one will speak to you too.


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