Blue and White Christmas Cloche:

When you put ordinary things under glass something magical seems to happen! Pretty thing become spectular, attention-grabbing centers of attention!

I am joining Marti at A Stroll Thur Life for a "Holiday Cloche Party". It is fun to see what holiday vignettes are created by the talented participants!

I am a little late for the party being a tad under the weather (and not good timing). But I put together a bit of Christmas-Cheer-Under-Glass because I don't want to miss the party altogether!

The inspiration for this post is the little blue and white pot in the cloche.  It originally held a perfect tiny poinsetta, but it would not fit under my little cloche.  So I dug through my Christmas boxes and came up with this blue and white Christmas scene.  I am moving this to my dressing table in my blue and yellow and white bedroom.  Yea! A spontaneous decoration!

This is truely a thrown together, bits and pieces arrangement- notice (or don't) the red ornament box under my settee' in the foyer. Ooops!  I tried to carry the same elements and colors from one part of the vignette to the other.

Because my only cloches are small (note to self-  1. put "big honkin' cloche" on gift list-2. cut out picture of big  honkin' cloche and tape it to Bobby hunting clothes) I used little left out and left over pieces of greens, berries and a couple of small green balls.  I stripped 2 yellow glittery balls from the wreath at the base to tuck in the cloche arrangement.  I think I will make a couple more litte arrangements using left-over.

I hope this inspires you to find things you already have and repurpose them into fresh looks!

Today is decorating day #3. Check back to see some Christmas reveals!


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