My Favorite Decoration-

Last week I posted a story about a little old Santa ornament that is my favorite. It was once my grandmother's and then my mother's and now it belongs to me.  I wrote about all the memories that it invoked. We were asked to write about our favorite Christmas memory as a child. Mine was tied up in this jolly and worn little man.

This week we are to write about our favorite decoration. But in last weeks post I had already done that so I will take some liberty and tell you about our ornaments and a family tradition instead. I think it will tie in nicely enough.

My mother first gave my husband and me a "First Christmas Together" ornament 26 years ago for our first Christmas as a married couple.

When our children were born I bought each of them a "Baby's First Christmas" ornament. Every year I bought at least one ornament that would signify something special in their lives.  My thought was that by the time they were off on their own and married (or 30) they would have a box of cherrished things to put on their tree.

The only ornament I have left from Jacqueline

Jacqueline, our daughter, had many ballet slippers, pink flamingos, cheereleaders, crowns, ballerinas, angels and other very pink and girly things. I can't show you any of them, for, as many of you know she has recently been married and now has a tree of her own. Last Christmas I bought the newly weds  a "First Chirstmas Together" ornament and a pickle ornament (another family tradition) and boxed up all her wonderful ornaments and gave them to her. How things do come 'round!

Our son Christopher has many baseballs, footballs, drums, anything with antlers ( a stage he was going through- for years!), dinosaurs, Army things, and anything else an active boy would have! We will  put his treasured ornaments on the tree, he still comes home to us!

All these ornaments along with the homemade kiddie ones! Full of paste and glitter and funny little pictures. One's that totally embarrass my children, but one I hold dearer than any other posession I have.

Christopher, circa kindergarten

This is a transition year for Bobby and me.  Jacqueline and Prince Charming will not be with us for Christmas day- very tough to say without boo-hooing- but right, none the less. And Chris won't be here to chop down our tree.  We have chopped down a tree ever since Bobby and I put our "First Christmas Together" ornament on one.

Life is full of changes. And these are healthy for my children and good... just a little hard for me. 

So it is time to honor our wonderful memories from the past and make new ones. I am now collecting "Old World " Christmas Ornaments with gusto! I had collected some in the past, but now I am thinking about decorating my whole family tree with them.

Dear little Christmas mouse- "Old World Ornaments"

I am so glad that my Mother sparked the idea in me to give my children the gift of Christmases Past all wrapped up in their ornaments.

I will continue to give them an ornament each year- because ornaments, I have found, are the keepers of wonderful  Christmas memories!

I am participating in Pink Saturday, hosted by Beverly. It is a wonderful community of positive and lovely people. Go check out all the other Christmas ornament stories at How Sweet The Sound.


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