StoneGable Wedding Wreaths

Earlier this summer I was asked to make wreaths for a wedding. The precious bride  and groom had an outdoor wedding at a local farm turned wedding site. Vows were exchanged in a field by a stream and the couple's reception was in a pavilion and beautifully restored barn.  The mood was country, elegant, simple, fresh and whimsical! It was everything those words evoke!!!!

My job was to create 2 wreaths for the big white barn doors. They were thrown open to welcome guest to dance on the polished refinished floors and sip microbrewery beer and local wines from mason jars! It was so magical!!!

The lovely bride chose a mustard yellow and a creamy white for her colors. They were GORGEOUS! So unusual, and spot on fabulous! The ribbon used to hang the wreaths were also used in the bridesmaid's dresses.

 Making  wreaths is a labor of love and a creative outlet. Honestly, beautiful wreaths can be a pricey venture. But they add so much beauty and fill up large spaces with a big decorating punch! They are an investment worth making.

Well created wreath last for years! And when they are ready to be retired, they should be pulled apart and their pieces  used over and over.

StoneGable's Country Wedding Wreaths
2 large grapevine wreaths
assorted florals
sticks and twigs
florist wire
hot glue
ribbon for hanger

Assemble all your material.  Don't underestimate the volume of florals you will use. Better to buy more than you need and return what is not used, than being short and having to make do. Remember this is an investment piece.

A StoneGable tip: Get out the Dustbuster. Wreath making is dirty work! Keep your work area tidy and clean. Use the Dustbuster OFTEN. Nothing is so frustrating as having your area look like a bomb went off in it after you are done a project. It also stiffles creativity.  Make clean-up easy. Clean up as you go!

Use 2 grapevine wreaths wired together for the base of the wreath. I learned this designer tip by visiting a designer shop I love and observing that their $300.00 + wreaths used a doubled wreath as a base. So easy and such a big difference!!

The bride wanted a brambly wreath with a twiggy effect. And she also wanted florals to compliment her flowers and colors. I  wanted to add a feeling of elegance. I love the surprise of something refined incorporated into something rustic.

Florals were designed  in a half moon shape (with lots of twigs wildly sticking out) on the wreaths.

Starting at the top of the "moon" lots of twiggy elements were secured to the wreath with hot glue. Be very liberal with the glue!

Flowers were grouped in small clusters and added to the wreath. Working from the top down. 

Flowers were added in like fashion to the bottom of the wreath. At the ending point of the arrangement more twiggy elements were secured to the wreath in a downward direction. The last small cluster of flowers were also added  in a downward facing direction for interest.

More floral... added to empty spots and the inside rim of the wreath. Pay attention to the inside rim. It should look as though flowers from the wreath are spilling into it. Giving attention to this detail makes the overall design of the wreath look so lush!

More flowers... added to give balance to the overall design. Lots of sticks and twigs and brambled elements were added here and there to give the wild and unkempt look the bride requested.

A mustard yellow ribbon was secured to the back of the wreath and tied in a ribbon to hang the it.


The second wreath was made the same as the first wreath. Making them mirror images was not an easy feat. It takes time and a willingness to rip out and redo.  But the total effect of the wreaths was so worth the time. (Not EVERY element will be EXACTLY the same, but unless examined closely no one would tell.)

 After the wedding the bride took a wreath to use in her home as well as her mother. It means so much to me that they would have a wreath as a reminder of that perfect day!

No two wreaths are ever exactly the same because they are handmade works of art. No two people making wreaths will make them the same. Each artist's personal style should shine through the design. I hope this has inspired you to try your had at making an investment wreath.

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