The Old Luckett's Store

There are those unique places that we find in life that draw us in and spark our imaginations. For me, Luckett's Store near Leesburg Virginia is one of those places!

I want to take you on a field trip to Luckett's. I love to just browse... creativity and inspiration are free! Browse through the pictures and see what wonderful ideas and imaginations you will wrap up and take away from your visit!

Luckett's is filled to the brim with a combination of vintage, junktiques and new beauties.

 It feels a little french... a bit more shabby and unkempt~ like an attic overflowing with undiscovered  treasures!

The store boasts room after cluttered room of both old and new merchandise. Luckett's encompasses many outbuildings and a design house too.

Every nook and cranny from ceiling to floor is filled with reasonably priced goodies!

Amidst all the well designed chaos was this soothing wall of silver. I have a huge crush on all silver... it was so hard to only take a few home with me!

Other spectacular finds...

Well worth the trip, I usually leave Luckett's with a mammoth case of sensory overload and my head exploding with creative ideas and projects! Doesn't that sound like the perfect day?

To see more of this wonderland of paraphernalia click HERE.


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