A New Life For A Little Table

I always say that lipstick can do wonders for a woman! It brightens up our faces, gives luster to our lips and is an instant pick me up.

As lipstick is to women, so a coat of paint is to old furniture!

I purchased a set of prettily designed tables years ago at a garage sale. They have been hiding out under tablecovers, books, dishes, lamps and furbelows (don't you love that word?~ a ruffled cover or ornamentation) all this time. They were in very poor condition and were not good quality. But I thought their lines were so lovely.

I decided to jump on the white painted furniture bandwagon. But as you can see, I am doing it in baby steps. No huge projects... yet!

I am so taken with all the ethereal white stuff out there. Some white inspired rooms I see in magazines and on blogs make me swoon.... BUT I have 3 big reservations.

1. Unless white is done right, it can look dead! Like someone was let loose with a spray gun full of contractor grade white paint. No contrast, no interest, no life! Is MY age showing? This brings me to my second reservation...
2. Covering beautiful wood! Now, I'm not talking about my Sears french provincial bedroom suite that I had as a teenager... it needs more than a coat of white paint. But I have lovingly saved for and collected beautiful wood pieces... rich mahogany, warm cherry, homey oak~ all working together to make StoneGable inviting. Wood is alive and gives depth and richness to a room. I love white woodwork and white slipcovers, and maybe could even love a white sideboard (if the wood is in poor condition or quality, and a coat of paint would give it new life). I think I'll leave white paint off of my beautiful wood pieces, even though they may temporarily be out of vogue. Which brings me to my last reservation...
3.W hite is a trend! With the exception of white painted kitchens, white woodwork and white porches. But they have been around for a very, very long time!Oh, I know it FEELS  as though white EVERYTHING could be a classic someday. But sadly for many, it will look dated someday soon too! Then the blogs will be filled with "How To Strip Paint" tutorials.
I say, don't put your eggs all in one style basket.

Now, having said ALL THAT~ I am dabbling with a little white paint. And I am just thrilled.

I lightly sanded this little table and primed it. And put 3 thin coats of white paint on it with a soft bristled brush. I chose a warmer white paint. Remember, not a fan of white white paint! And finally, when I was happy with the results, sprayed the table with a couple of coats of fast drying Polyurethane in a satin finish.

It was pretty painted all white, but not very interesting. So, I used an acrylic paint in a goldish taupe and painted the indents in the legs and the cross brace.  Using a damp paper towel, I swiped over it to blur it and give it an uneven aged look.  I did this before I polyurethaned it.

I painted the rim and the indent of the table. Again, I dabbed a damp paper towel over it to give it an uneven look.

Finally I beat it up a bit! The edges were rubbed with a fine grade sand paper to expose some of the original mahogany wood. Dents in the top were caused by a wooden meat tenderizer. FUN!  All done before those final coats of polyurethane.

The result is a warm white table that has interest and a little age.

I am painting it's twin tomorrow. How does aqua sound?

I am joining Maryann at Domestically Speaking for the Power of Paint Party.
There are some really fabulous projects over there. To visit click HERE.


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