Writing a thank you note is a small, gracious way to let someone know that their kindness towards you is appreciated. It validates and acknowledges a person and their thoughtfulness.

I enjoy writing notes. A little basket filled with cards, envelopes, stickers, colorful pens and stamps sits on my desk ready to use.

But, something has gone a-rye this summer. I am behind in my thank you's!  I have several notes that need to go out to some very dear and thoughtful people that are late! How embarrassing!

I thought you might like to refresh your memory as I am refreshing mine on the art of writing a thank you note.

This note is to my friend Barb for inviting me to a wonderful evening in a darling garden shed for high tea. It is a note well overdue. All the pictures are from that special evening.

Here are some recommendations to help write a Thank You Note from the heart...

I remember reading about Princess Diana.. she would not go to bed until all of the thank you notes she needed to get out in that day were done. She would get home from an event and before going to bed would write a note of thanks for the evening. Wonderful discipline and grateful spirit!

Having said that, late is better than not at all. I am happy to know that! Now I must write a note of apology too!

From now on I am following the example of the Princess!

This seems so elementary~ address the person by name. If you don't like to use "dear" how about dearest, hello, hi, greetings or just their name.

Whatever the kindness, don't forget to specifically mention it. This is no time to be generic. Spend a couple of sentences writing about the specific gift or thoughtful benevolences. When writing a thank you note for a gift you might tell the giver why you are so pleased to get it, how you are going to use it or how the gift will impact your life in a good way.

If you are writing, like I am, to thank someone for a special time give details of that time that were meaningful to you. Write about how you experienced the occasion.

If you did not care for a gift, find something to say that is sincere. Remember "It's the thought that counts".

This is the basis for your note! Make sure to say thank you! Let the giver know that you are grateful for all the time, money and thought that went into a gift or kindness.

Mentioning something personal about the giver connects you on a more intimate level. This is a must in every thank you note.

Mention something about their family, hobbies, sports team, talents, home, positive personal traits, pets, time spent together...

End a thank you note with an appropriate ending salutation and sign your name. Don't leave out a closing such as love, sincerely, my best to you, thank you again, with respect, take care, God bless you... It is yet another way to show gratitude.

Most importantly, be sincere. Let your note flow from a heart filled with gratitude.

Look for opportunities to send a little note of thanks.

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