Weekly Menu August 9~ 15, 2010

Last week StoneGable housed lots of out of town family. This week my beautiful Son goes back to Seminary. A big week of transition. I am also visiting LaDew Gardens to do a picnic tablescape, article and photo shoot for a new e-magazine, Belle Inspiration. Be looking later this week for a sneak peek of this fabulous mag!

On the menu this week I have a  couple of new recipes I am so excited to try! If you try one thing this week it would have to be the Mac And Cheese on Saturday's menu. This is my families very very favorite!!!!

Shoyu Chicken
 Rice ( making extra for my Nani's rice pudidng)

Recipe: Shoyu Chicken
This wonderful recipe comes from one of my favorite blogs Butter Yum. The pictures alone will convince you
to make it too! I actually have a "favorites" folder labeled Butter Yum, that's how much I love her recipes, and you will too.

Grilled Apple Sausage With Onions And Peppers
Mushroom Risotto
Roasted Asparagus

Recipe: Mushroom Risotto ( adapted from Food And Wine)
The key to a risotto done right is the rice and the ability to continually stir!
1 oz dried porcini mushrooms
2 1/2 cups boiling water
3 cups chicken stock
1/4 cup good olive oil
2 shallots, minced
1 garlic clove, minced
1 cup aborio rice
1/2 cup dry white wine
1 TBS butter
1 TBS borsin cheese
1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese
1/2 cup gratedLocatelli cheese
2 cups wild assorted mushrooms, sliced
1 thyme sprig
salt and pepper

Soak dried mushrooms in boiling water until softened, about 20 minutes. Drain all but 1 cup of the liquid and reserve. Remove mushrooms, rinse and chop finely.

In a saucepan heat reserved liquid. Do not put sediment in the bottom of the bowl in the saucepan. Add chicken stock and warm over low heat.

In a large saucepan or dutch oven heat 2 TBS oil. Add shallots and garlic and cook for 2 minutes. Add rice, porcini mushrooms and stir. Add wine and cook until wine has evaporated.

Add 1/4 of the stock and cook,stirring until almost evaporated. Continue adding 1/4 of the stock, STIRRING CONTINUALLY until almost evaporated and rice has the consistency of a creamy sauce, about 20 minutes.
Stir in butter, borsin, cheeses, salt and pepper and take off heat, but keep warm.

In a seperate skillet add 2 TBS oil and heat. Add mushrooms and thyme and cook on medium high heat for 10 minutes until mushrooms are browned. Remove thyme. Stir into risotto and serve.

Spinach Artichoke Pasta
Grilled Balsamic Chicken
Fresh Tomatoes

Recipe: Spinach Artichoke Pasta
This yummy recipe come from Get Healthy Cheap. I am still checking this new found and very interesting blog out! You might want to also.

Recipe: StoneGable's Balsamic Dressing and Marinade
This is my go-to marinade. It is good on all meats and poultry.  It is fabulous drizzled over grilled vegetables.
2/3 cup olive oil
1/4 cup balsamic vinegar
2 garlic cloves, pressed or chopped finely
2 tsp mustard
juice of 1 lemon
1 TBS Worchestershire sauce
2 TBS chiffonades of  fresh basil
pinch of salt and pepper

Put all ingredients into a jar. Secure lid and shake vigerously.

Pan Seared Tilapia With A Lemon White Wine Reduction
Brown Butter Wide Noodles
Matchstick Carrots In A Maple Glaze

Recipe: Pan Seared Tilapia
6 tilapia fillets
2 TBS olive oil
1/4 cup flour
1 tsp paprika
salt and pepper
1/2 cup white wine
1 TBS minced shallots
2 lemons
2 TBS capers
2 TBS butter

Heat oil in large skillet. Mix flour, paprika, salt and pepper on a large dish. Dredge fish in flour and put a couple of tilapia in the skillet. Do not crowd the pan. Cook for about 3 minutes until browned. Flip and cook the other side for about 3 more minutes until done and brown. Set aside and keep warm. Work in batches until all the tilapia is cooked.

To make the wine reduction. Remove the skillet from the heat and add wine and shallots. Return to heat and scrape up brown bits. Reduce wine be half. Squeeze the juice of 1 lemon into the pan. Heat to simmer. Add capers and turn off heat. Add butter and stir until melts. Serve drizzled over fish.

Recipe: Pa Dutch Browned Butter Noodles
Easy and comforting, these simple noodles are a delicious treat!
1 package of wide noodles
6 TBS butter
salt and pepper
cottage cheese (optional)

Make noodles according to package directions.
In a skillet heat butter just until browned, do not burn. Add drained noodles to skillet. Coat with butter. Salt and pepper. Cook for 3 minutes.
Plate and add a dollop of cottage cheese.

Bacon Stuffing PattyPan Squash
Stewed Pork Chops

Recipe: Bacon Stuffing Patty Pan Squash
I planted patty pan squash for the first time in my garden and they love it there. I have really never cooked it until now. This is a  very interesting recipe and am giving it a try! Click HERE for a new and adventurous recipe.

Recipe: Stewed Pork Chops
Very easy and only a few ingredients, but so satifsying and yummy! These can be done in the oven too. Heat oven to 350 degrees. Follow directions but put all browned pork chops, cooked onions and garlic and stewed tomatoes in a baking dish. Bake for 45 minutes.
6 bone-in pork chops
2 TBS olive oil
1 large onion, chopped
1 clove garlic, pressed or finely chopped
1 large can of stewed tomatoes
salt and pepper

Heat 1TBS olive oil in skillet. Salt and pepper pork chops. In batches, brown pork chops on both sides. Set pork chops aside.
Add remaining olive oil to skillet. Add onion and cook until translucent, about 5 minutes. Add garlic and cook for 1 minute. Put all the pork chops back into the pan and add the large can of stewed tomatoes.
Put a lid on the pan and simmer for 30-45 minutes, until pork chops are tender.

Saturday~ Chris' Favorite's Dinner~ Before Going Back To Seminary
Grilled Salmon And Shrimp
StoneGable Mac And Cheese
Green Bean Casserole

Recipe: StoneGable (Aunt Sue's) Mac and Cheese
When the kids come home or have a big family event at StoneGable Aunt Sue's Mac and Cheese is a must!!! It usually shows up at the breakfast table the next morning too. Made first by Aunt Sue, my WONDERFUL sister-in-law, and passed to me.Click HERE for the recipe of this soon to be favorite of your families too!

Sunday~ Empty Nest Dinner
Chinese Take Out, Plus Lots Of Paper Napkins To Cry In!


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