Each season brings new ideas and decor to StoneGable. When I was a young homemaker I would buy 1 new things each season. After years and years I have great collections. And I still buy or make one new thing each season (except wreaths~ always new).

Last year after Thanksgiving I purchased these lovely pheasants... on major sale! They will fly off the mantle to perch on this years Thanksgiving table.

This year I bought the elements (all on sale for 50% off or better) for 2 white pumpkin topiaries. I have had this idea in my head for a couple of years, so I was thrilled to make them.

StoneGable Pumpkin Topiary
2 large white pumpkins
2 small white pumpkins
4 small birch wreaths
2 larger birch wreaths
2 large ears of indian corn
2 ears mini indian corn
package of excelser
assorted leaves
assorted pine cones
assorted acorns
3 picks of white berries
hot glue
florist wire
dust buster

Work on the big pumpkin first. Cut the husks off of the corn near the base.

Glue individual husks around the top close to the stem of the pumpkin.

Add excelser between the corn husks and the pumpkin. Glue to secure.

Secure a small birch wreath to the top of the pumpkin. Use LOTS of glue.

Set big pumpkin aside.
Work on the small pumpkin and do the same thing except use the mini indian corn husks.

Add leaves between and around the wreath and the top  of the pumpkin. Cut apart white bead picks. Glue a twig of white beads here and there around the wreath.

Fill in the center of the wreath with pine cones and acorns. Add small leaves

Continue to embellish the top with more leaves, pine cones, acorns and white bead twigs.

Glue leaves to the bottom of the large pumpkin, so they stick out from beneath the bottom.

Using copious amount of glue, secure the small pumpkin on top of the larger pumpkin. Embellish the space between the pumpkins with leaves, acorns, pine cones and white bead twigs.

Keep embellishing the topiary until you are satisfied. An old urn is used as a base. A larger birch wreath fits over the top of the urn and the topiary is nestled on top.

Make the second looking carefully at the first topiary.

I am using them as part of my fall mantle decor. But I'm sure they will show up on a tablescape too! Bittersweet and large metallic acorns finished the mantle with Autumnal flair!

I hope this has inspired you to make something to decorate your home this Fall!

I am participating in Tickled Pink at 504 Main. Holly, our lovely hostess has the best blog! Always bringing us all the creativity from all over bloggland! Thanks, Holly!

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