Transforming my porch from Summer to Fall is quite an undertaking... and a workout! Lifting all those heavy pumpkins and pulling out the fading summer flowers from the urns was nature's strength training.

This year, because I am late getting everything out... or in, I decided not to go with the hay bales and corn stocks I usually use in fall outdoor decorating. A little cleaner, more streamlined suites me just fine.

A new wreath  full of Autumnal elements graces the front door.  Jack-Be-Little pumpkins from my garden sit on the transom ledge above.

Bright yellow mums fill the urns that flank the front door. Pumpkin, gourds and leaves fill in around the mums.

Oil bronzed lanterns give a rustic touch to the porch. Not to mention a beautiful glow from the LED candles at sundown. (I just got new taller candles today)

Pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere! I went to the pumpkin wagon and got all of these orange beauties for 50 cents and $1.00! I'm a girl who LOVES a bargain!

Ever since my first visit to Savannah (my destination crush!!!!) I have been captivated with little "somethings" they arrange on each of the step of their staircase ascending to their front doors. I saw this in Southern Paradise and have been using variations of this idea ever since.

At the other end of of the porch is a big pot of mum and ... MORE pumpkins!

Next week we will carve a couple of big pumpkins and add them to the porch!


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