Here at StoneGable I am still trying to put the finishing touches on my Kitchen Face Lift. Thankfully, my to-do list is getting smaller and smaller!

With the arrival of my rush seat double bench I was able to check one more thing off the list!

The bench is from Ballard Design. I had looked and looked for an antique bench but my search came up empty. I am still looking! If I ever find one I LOVE this bench will go into a bedroom. But, I am very pleased with the color, style and quality of this handsome Ballard bench.

Because it will be called into seating service when we have a crowd in the kitchen, I didn't want to clutter it with decor. A simple stack of much loved books and a french inspired hen lamp find a home at one side of the bench.

I added a faux frilly plant to give the area life and a little texture. I have a rascally cat Hobbes, so a real plant in that easy to reach spot is OUT of the question!

A tall basket sits next to the bench. When it is not Hobbes' hiding place, I use it to store cookbooks.

(I just happened to see Hobbes in the basket and got this picture! Doesn't it look like he is saying, OOOps, busted!)

The red oriental breakfast room carpet was replaced with a black edged sisal area rug. The look is much lighter and brighter. It plays well with the new colors and decor of the whole kitchen space.

The new style of our kitchen and breakfast room suites our farmhouse inspired home. The overall look I hope to achieve is an updated farmhouse that is welcoming, warm and clean!

The next thing on my to-do list... hemming the linen curtains. Hopefully, this weekend.

So many of you, dear readers, have been asking about the Kitchen Reveal. Soon! I am just very methodical about the decorating process! Thanks for being patient.

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