I found the perfect spot to spread a table... Under the huge weeping cherry tree at StoneGable.
It's bowing branches drip down close to the ground and form a "room" inside the branch perimeter...

A gorgeous secluded spot for a lantern-light supper for two.

The table is a mix of beautiful dressy elements and rustic simple pieces. Some call this Rustic Luxe, I call it comfortable! I love that visual juxtaposition~ it is so surprising, interesting and easy to live with.

My Nani's chippy table is covered with a vintage Italian crocheted lace tablecloth. A beautiful ecru tone, this treasure of a tablecloth offers the perfect base for this tablescape.

It is full of intricate patterns.

Grapevine chargers with an organic feel rest on the refined tablecloth.

The dinnerware is a very detailed embossed ivory ironstone (HomeGoods).

It is very lightly accented with burnt sienna scuffed onto some of the embossed areas.

A vintage linen napkin edged with Italian crocheted lace is rolled up and tied with wide linen ribbon with French lettering.

The ribbon is wired and makes it easy to tie with a twist. The edges of the ribbon are simply frayed keeping a rustic look.

More ornate flatware have brown marbleized handles giving them an elegant look.

Forgoing the crystal champagne flutes, mason jar mugs are used to mimic the lanterns. To dress them up with whimsy, ribbons are tied to each handle.

Silver Art Deco salt and pepper shakers with an aged patina add that touch of sophication and sparkle to each place.

I have a love affair with Art Deco and combine pieces with almost any style!

The centerpiece is a footed bowl (same pattern as the ironstone dinnerware) laden with a profusion of white Annabelle hydrangeas. They grow like big giant weeds around my front porch!

The opening of the bowl is quite wide. To contain the hydrangeas and add interest, a twiggy willow wreath is placed on top of the bowl and the hydrangeas added to it. The look of this arrangement is organic, rustic, soft and upscale all combined into one! I can think of so many variations of this kind of arrangement. I hope this inspires you to try this technique.

Bringing light to the table, simple "lightning bug lanterns" are hung on champagne ivory satin ribbons from the branches of the tree.

Just tie pretty ribbons onto the wire handles. Turn plain handles into a very lovely accent!

These little lanterns are easy to make and fun to have on hand. To see a tutorial for making these cute little lanterns click HERE. I use them to light walks, put on crooks, sit around my porch and sit in crocks. And now I am hanging them from trees! I think I will hang them under my porch too!

They gently swing with small motions in the breeze.

One hanging jar hold a tiny willow wreath and more hydrangeas.  Wouldn't these look lovely at a wedding?

This hanging bouquet mimics the large table arrangement.

As afternoon...

Turns to early evening...

And then to dusk...

Dining under the cherry tree is a magical event!

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