Potato Chips, who can resist these scrumptious crunchy salty savory treats! And what could be better?

Homemade potato chips!

Making homemade potato chips is culinary therapy! With just three ingredients and a couple of kitchen tools, homemade chips become thin crips of potatoes filled with love. No wonder they are so delicious!

StoneGable Homemade Potato Chips

oil~ I use half corn and half canola
potatoes, not baking
regular table salt

Slice potatoes one 16th inch thick with a Mandolin. Put slices in ice water.

Using a large dutch oven add 2-3 inches of oil. Using a candy thermometer heat oil over medium high heat to 350 degrees.

Dry a handful of potato slices with paper towels. When the oil is 350 degrees GENTLY drop one slice of potato at a time into the oil. Don't crowd the pan.

Using a metal slotted spoon gently flip the chips when they have slightly browned on one side. This should take only a minute or so.

Be careful to watch the thermometer, adjust the flame so the oil remains at or near 350 degrees.

When potato chips are done, remove them with a slotted spoon to a baking sheet lined with paper towels.

Salt to taste.


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