This is a 911 decorating call! I need H-E-L-P!!!!
Please pardon the poor quality of some of the images. I took these at 6:30 this morning.

The Story:
Last year I purchased 4 Belgian linen curtains panels in "Oat"  for my family room from a Restoration Hardware Outlet. It was black Friday and I got a fabulous deal. I just love the look and the feel of these drapes!

I also purchased the only other 2 Oat panels they had, thinking that when I re-did my kitchen that I would cut them apart and make a valance or topper for the windows in the eating area off the kitchen that connects to the family room.

I bought enough rods for all of the windows (thinking ahead).

The Decor Dilemma: 

I have added rattan shades to the windows in the eating area and over the sink in my kitchen and I really like them. The afternoon and evening sun pours through these windows and filtering the light with these shades makes such a difference. But now a topper would not look good at all with the shades.

Drapes would dress up this area and give it polished look.

BUT... I only purchased 2 panels and need 4!!!! 

I checked out the Restoration Hardware site and my Oat Opaque linen drapes are no longer in stock. I am in the process of calling every RH outlet store, but so far... no luck. Been on E-bay too!

This would not be such a problem, but my family room drapes are less than 10 feet away! 

How can I utilize the 2 panels I have?

Here's What I Am Thinking:
1~ the drapes are 50" wide and my windows are relatively narrow. Cut them in half and use clips and rings to attach them to the rod. The curtains would be the same color, fabric and style as the family room curtains with a little twist. But even on the rings, would they look to skimpy? Skimpy drapes are not attractive!

2~ order 2 more panels from RH close to a color of the original ones purchased (probably in "sand"). Cut all the panels in half and french seam them together to make a  muted striped drape. This would bring the same color and style  as the family room drapes into the eating area and might give this area some added interest. But it is a costly gamble. These drapes are not inexpensive.

Not An Option:
1~ Do nothing.
2~ ordering new drapes in a different color for my eating area. 
3~ ordering new drapes for the whole area. The cost would be about $1,300.00. I could use that decorating money elsewhere.
4~ removing the rattan shades. I am getting one's for my family room today!

What do you think? Do you like option 1 or 2? Do you have another thought?

I could really use some input before I move forward. Don't be shy... I really want to hear from you!!!



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