In all the business and bustle of last minute Christmas preparations... take a little break with me and I'll share a spot at StoneGable made to evoke calm and serenity..

I've been fluffing... putting the last minute touches on our bedrooms... getting them ready for a house full of family!  

Here is the J&J room. My daughter Jacqueline and her husband Jonathan stay here when they visit.  It has the "calmest" decor in my whole house.

I just added a couple of very simple celebrate the season, but not to clutter the room.

Early morning light streams through the windows and give the room a fuzzy, soft feel. 

I'll put two small presents under this little frosty tree for Jacqueline and Jon to open before they come downstairs Christmas morning.  

Every years since Jacqueline was born I have gotten her an ornament... one that symbolizes something about her life.  They will have fun opening their ornaments together... a little private Christmas moment for the sweet couple.

The tree sits in an antique crock.  These old crocks are plentiful in my area. I thought it would be perfect for the little tree.

Across the room, next to the bed I added a little silver bowl of live greens and snowy pinecones.

The bowl picks up the reflection of the zebra striped table.

I added frazer fur, incense cedar and white pine to the bowl.  White pinecones were sprayed with "snow".

I hope this post brings calm and joy to your life today!!!  


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