This year StoneGable is decorated with lots of "naturals".

The antique tool caddy that sits on my the island is filled with lots of organics... but the star of this arrangement are the paperwhites...

I planted them in individual mason jars and lined them up in the back of the caddy.

You can ready how I planted them by clicking HERE.

When they bloomed I staked them up with painted branches tied up with black and white plaid ribbon.

The twiggy branches make the paperwhites look wintery! 

These little blooms are so so fragrant!

In front of the paperwhited I lined up Lemon Cedars and Sugar Pinecones. I have repeated these elements in my decor this year!

I got the Lemon Cedars at a local greenhouse for $3.99 a pot. They are hardy and have held up very well indoors. I would love to plant them out in the yard in the spring!

I like them much better than Poinsettias!

I really like the way the cedars and pinecones line up in a row!

Two large chippy pillars flank the paperwhites. Each has a white candle. The candles give off such a warm glow.  

As the paperwhites fade I have new ones to replace them.

Decorating with naturals has been very easy and has brought a feeling of calm to StoneGable during this busy time of year!

I think I'll use naturals again next year... maybe with red tartan!

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