We have the world's WORST tree stand... aesthetically speaking! It does keep our tree watered and fresh... but it is a monster... more like an octopus!   Bobby LOVES this motley tree stand and I don't have the heart to tell him to get rid of it. He is almost gleeful when he takes it out to use it!

I can't cover it with a tree skirt because the water basin is open...  the tree skirt gets wet and then wicks moisture to all the gifts We have opened soggy gifts more than one year!!!

This year I found the solution to the ugly tree stand... a galvanized tub! The stand and tree fits in it perfectly! 

But with one problem solved... comes another challenge... the ugly shiny "new" patina, or lack of, on the tub!

But I have that licked too! I am probably going to be galvanized metal obsessed! I love the new look of the tub with the tree in it!!!

Finding a "recipe" to give a new "old" look to galvanized metal was a search! First I tried vinegar...the finish did not budge. Then vinegar and salt... not very good. Then clorex... nothing!

I knew that Muriatic acid would work... but I was was not too keen on using it.

I read... on pinterest... I think... that the finish could be aged by Lysol toilet bowl cleaner.

Here is my solution to age galvanized metal!

I first sanded the tub. Or should I say Bobby did! He has been such a project helper, lately!!! He got out his electric hand sander to make the process easier. But a regular piece of sand paper and some elbow grease would work just as well!

I found ACID TOILET BOWL CLEANER in Lowe's. I thought the acid would do the trick.

Bobby scrubbed the toilet bowl cleaner into the metal with steel wool and we let it sit about a half an hour before rinsing it off. Please wear rubber gloves and take wise precautions!

Because the toilet bowl cleaner was a gel, it did not run and streak.

Very easy... little work... and a very nice aged look.

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