This is a beautiful time of year to look out my windows! The farmland and trees are ablaze with autumn color! My living room is bright and has an ever changing view, thanks to my windows and french doors!

No wonder I have such a hard time choosing paintings for this room... what could compete with the view just beyond my windows...

But there is another view too....

Here is what I can see from my family room looking through the french doors into my living room.

Let's peek in...

I love this view of the living room and I have never shared it before.

Can you see me taking the picture from the french doors?

The tree that sits outside this window is a sugar maple... it looks gold in this picture, but it is really a bright salmon! My favorite!

Here is a shot, again standing in the french door threshold.

I find myself spending more and more time in this room as it inches towards completion! It's the best place in the house to curl up with a good book!

That is... if I can keep my eyes from wandering off the pages of my book to dance around the view outside!

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