Look what showed up on my doorstep on Wednesday afternoon!

Finally... our new Pottery Barn Comfort sofa!

I thought you would like a little look...

Even though the rest of the room is bare right now...except for a side table (another post)... I was so excited to show you my new addition.

It's kinda intimidating to pick out a whole sofa from a little swatch of fabric... but it turned out exactly the way I pictured it in my mind... big relief!

  The sofa is "Flax".

It is a very relaxed sofa... foam core and down wrapped, so it is super comfy. I need to take my steamer to it. It still has the creases from being bubble wrapped.

Before anyone can use it I'm having it Scotchguarded!

Words that I am using to help mold my living room vision are  relaxed... upscale... modern traditional...neutral...comfortable.

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I am looking for a room that can stand the test of time and not look easily dated or too trendy. This furniture will need to last a long long time!

Now that the sofa is here I can concentrate on the rest of the furniture, and window treatments.

I am NOT a Black Friday shopper... so, I think today is a perfect day to hunt for wall color!  I am looking for a soft buff, creamy white or very light taupe... at least that is what I am considering now!

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