Paperwhites remind me of Christmas. They are elegant and snowy white and organic and have a heady sweet smell.

They mix wonderfully with evergreen branches and twinkling lights. They look stately grouped with Poinsettias and can be a resplendent flurry-of-white when grouped together.

Paperwhites make lovely and thoughtful living gifts that will give the recipient a season of pleasure and blooms! It's especially fun to give a single bulb in a ball jar! Given at Christmas, these flowers will bloom in January and February... just when we all need a little something blooming in our lives!

These showy booms are easy to plant and force and grow. Here's how...

I planted my paperwhites on my back porch potting bench.

paperwhite bulbs
gravel, small stones, or glass pebbles
wide mouth half pint ball jars
screw on lids for ball jars

Fill ball jar 3/4 full of small stones.

Paperwhites do not need soil. They just need the stones to support their roots and to help hold them upright.

Place the paperwhite bulb on top of the stones with the tip up.

Screw on the jar lid

Add a bow or twine...

Add a tag with instructions...

Paperwhites will bloom in about 6 weeks... just in time to enjoy for the Christmas season!

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