Christmas begins at StoneGable... the blog... with my new Christmas header!

Many people ask how I create my seasonal blog headers. Here is how I create my images...

example of a "work in progress"~ wreath and snow created using picmonkey

Let me first say that I work with a fabulous blog designer, Julie from BLOGGER BOUTIQUE. I'm not a techie so I need a little help. Make sure to see the special offer from Julie at the end of this post.

To create this Christmas header I used pictures from my own stash and edited them with an old old program  called MICROSOFT DIGITAL IMAGING. A "chalk" filter was applied to each image.

If you don't have a digital imaging program you should check out PICMONKEY. I'm amazed how well this free, no registration, on-line editor works!  PicMonkey has some great new winter effects! Even if you are not a blogger this program is amazing for photos and scrapbooks!

Here is a before photo I took of Father Christmas in Williamsburg last year...

And here it is edited and the filter applied for the header...  I love that soft smuggy look!

Here is the wreath I used in my header... again, Christmas in Williamsburg...

And here it is edited and the chalk filter applied...

I will be working on my sidebar too... adding Holiday posts and images.  Keep an eye out for the changes!

Julie, my fabulous blog designer, is offering StoneGable readers a 25% discount on all blog designs (not on  singular add-on services).

Just go to BLOGGER BOUTIQUE and type in StoneGable25 when you contact her. The offer is good until December 31, 2012.

This would make a great Christmas gift for you from someone who is having a hard time knowing what to get you!!!! Sounds like the perfect gift to me!

I hope you find Christmas cheer, here at StoneGable, all holiday season long!

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