Makhetsh Ramon, Negev Israel (Ramon Crater)

Can you guess the most common words known to all mankind. A word that is the same in almost every language. A word that crosses nations, race, culture, language and religion?

You might be surprised...

 It is the little word...


That's right, Amen!

Amen is the most widely known word on earth... this little ancient Hebrew word... amen!  It literally moves unchanged from language to language.

The thing I find so interesting about this most used word is that a great majority of people actually cannot say what "amen" really means. Think about that... "amen" is the most commonly used word on the planet and the whole planet commonly does not really know what they are saying! Funny!

Most think of "amen" as sort of a period at the end of a prayer. Everyone says "amen" at the end of a prayer, don't they? It lets us all know when a prayer has ended... so there is no mistaking when prayer time is over and we can get on with our lives! Oh, not so!!! That little four letter word is rich in meaning!

It is one of my missions in life to take our Christian verbiage and give real meaning and life to it.

"Amen" is related to the ancient Hebrew words emuach (faith, belief, trust) and emet (truth). Words dripping with deep imagery! 

 "Amen"  means something like ...

 I affirm...That's truth...Let it be so...I agree...Truth

I like to think of "amen" as saying... "What you just heard is the real-deal truth, and I agree with it"!

So now you know! "Amen"... not just a word that signals the end to a  prayer... but a wholehearted agreement with  words just spoken and a response of faith to God.



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