There is noting like fresh, live greens to bring the beauty and aroma of Christmas inside!

Fresh greens bring a very organic, natural, woodland look to Christmas decor.

It's easy to put together an arrangement and with a little work keep it looking beautiful and fresh until well after Christmas.

I'll show you how...

First you will need to crank up the Christmas music....

This is a messy job, so work with greens in the garage or outside (I arranged mine in the kitchen for photographic ease).

I used a large bread bowl to make a low arrangement for my kitchen table, but this process can be used with almost any container.

Because the bowl is wooden and I am working with wet material I put a layer of plastic from a plastic bag  in the bottom of the bowl to protect it.

I soaked 2 large blocks of oasis in water for about 20 minutes to get them completely saturated and cut them to fit inside the bowl.

I wanted to use two tall pillar candles in the arrangement. I positioned them on top of the oasis and using a sharp knife, drew around them. I then scored the oasis within the circle and scooped out the oasis with a spoon. This was so easy! I evened out the oasis so the candles fit and would be level.

Four different kinds of greens were used to make this arrangement interesting.

 Fraser fur was used as the base filler...
White pine, Boxwood and Golden Cyprus were used to add fluff, a little color and interest.

I started by arranging the two ends of the bowl. Adding Fraser fur over the the sides of the bowl, I then worked in towards the candles. When the ends of the bowl were filled in with Fraser fur I went back and filled the sides in with the rest of the greens.

I then filled in the around the candles and center... using the same method I used to fill in the sides. I kept the center greens much shorter than the sides.

I added small pinecones here and there and a birds nest that I filled with pinecones and tiny snips of Cyprus and white pine.

To keep the greens fresh I'll make sure the Oasis stays wet.

I change the greens if I see any getting dry or dropping their needles. Just pull out the old ones and add fresh. I do this in my sink to catch the mess.

It's really a easy as it looks! A few well placed bowls of fresh greens make the whole house smell wonderful and look beautiful!

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