We are slowly moving along with the dining room makeover.

Last evening Bobby and I hung the new chandy... but first we had to figure out where all the crystals, that had fallen to the bottom of the box, were placed on the chandy. What a job! 

Lost of crystals... REAL CRYSTALS... on tiny metal rings... 

Once I had all the crystals on the chandy, Bobby hung it. 

I just love it! The shade is somewhat translucent so the light of the 6 candles shines through it!

The chandy came from Overstocks.com... I can always find a great bargain there!

 We had just finished laying the hardwood floors and quater round molding the last two weeks.

And last week my new head chairs came home to StoneGable.

It's just the beginning... as I continue to make over the dining room I'll show you how I am progressing!

The new oriental comes next week... I am thinking of replacing two of the chairs with an upholstered bench (the rest will be repainted and reupholstered)  and I am searching for some great window treatments!

Now if I could just finalize a paint color!

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