Today, Anita is guest hosting here at StoneGable! We are in for such a treat! Anita is one of my dear friends... and she oozes with creativity and beauty! I literally sigh when I see her work!
Thanks. Anita... for sprinkling your magic around here too!

Hello, it's Anita from Cedar Hill Ranch.
I'm so honored to be guest hosting at Stone Gable today.  Yvonne is a dear friend of mine, who has the most most amazing sense of style and an incredible blog.

I'm here today to share one of my design secrets with you.  If you want to add instant interest and coolness to your room, use a vintage crate or tote box and fill it with goodies.  The one above I found hidden underneath some things at an antique mall recently.  It was from France, for $26, I said, "SOLD!!"  

What do you put in the boxes?  Well, this is where it's fun to use your imagination. Below I filled one box with linen fabric and an old coffee bean bag. The other box is loaded with books, blue Mason jars filled with sewing notions, some seltzer bottles, and a movie reel.  

Here I used a vintage box to hold bath towels. 

I love, love dishes, and I thought the boxes were a wonderful way to display my dishes.

How about using them to coral vintage books,

Or using them with vintage books, silver and a seltzer bottle?

Below I used a coke crate to hold bluebonnets from our pasture. This was a photo from a our wildflower party, you can see more of the party here

Vintage boxes with handles, or tote boxes, are even more versatile. I love using them in a buffet line for parties to hold drinks and glasses. Here, I used a green theme,  

and below, a pink and red theme. 

The crate or tote box doesn't have to be vintage to add interest. Below I have two photos with new tote boxes.

If you haven't tried decorating with wood boxes, crates, or totes, I sure hope you will give it a try.  It's fun shopping your house for treasures to fill them.  
When I'm not filling crates with goodies, I'm hanging out here on my back porch.  I would love it if you would come visit me here at the ranch.   

Speaking of the back porch, did you miss my interview with Yvonne of Stone Gable on the back porch?  If so, you can still catch it here

If you have not visited Cedar Hill Ranch... what are you waiting for? Click HERE to let the magic begin!
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