I just gave my kitchen a good spring cleaning... scrubbed down the cabinets, polished the countertops...dusted the chandy... cleaned out drawers and cabinets... and about a hundred other little jobs!

It's sparkling clean and organized... at least for today.

This is a great time to share our spring kitchen...

The kitchen is truly the heart of our home! And where I spend a good deal of my time.

Because it is a farmhouse kitchen I try to keep it pretty free of clutter and chachkies.. I like the feel of open spaces and lots of counter space.

Everything on the counters is utilitarian. But who says utilitarian can't be pretty?

The island is the exception. I like to decorate it with seasonal things...

Two large vases filled with white spring blooms give a nod to the flowering trees outside. 

Freshly hung aprons, my at-home uniform, hang on plate hooks.   I have aprons for every season... and wear them every day!

The breakfast area just off the kitchen gets a little bit of spring too.

I love this big round basket! It is just the right size for a vignette on my kitchen table.

I change small things up quite often and poor Bobby is always saying, "now where are we putting this?".

I recently purchased a mug rack from world market for our coffee station... and he had to get used to putting the WHITE mugs on it instead of in the cupboard. Bless his sweet heart!

As spring turns to early summer, I'll be adding herb pots and baskets of fresh produce to the farmhouse kitchen!

For now, I'm enjoying the open spaces and the canopy of blooms!

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