We have been slowly working on our living room.... S-L-O-W-L-Y! 

Here is a little look at what we have added to feather our nest.

I love the light in this room! This picture was taken at 7:00 in the morning...And light just floods in!

And this is a picture at 7:00 in the evening... lots of golden light!

Did you notice the area rug?  I found it on Overstock.com. I have purchased several wool rug from them and loved them all!

Originally, I was looking for a very light colored traditional area rug... until I saw this.  I figured I'd give it a try and return it if it wasn't right. I think it is a keeper. Because of all the light colored upholstered pieces in the room, the dark rug give the room some depth and weight.

I have been looking for months for the perfect coffee table. Right now there is a big open space!

 This is the hardest decision I have to make in this room. I was going back and forth about size, finish, color and style. I think I finally found "the one".

I'm probably get it today... look for an update soon!

We also purchased two end tables from Ethan Allen. One is a big black square table with a leather top and brass nail heads.  The accent works with my heirloom brass lamp.

I felt the space could hold a bigger piece. Behind the table will be billowy linen damask curtains.

The vignette on the table is not really done. The lamp and jar are staying... the rest probably not. I am in the process of collecting for the table vignette too!

The tall brass lamps are very special to me. My father was stationed in a remote Air Force base in Wakkanai Japan in the early 60's. Among the amazing things he brought home were these beautiful solid brass lamps.  They were part of my childhood.

My mother gifted them to me when we moved to StoneGable. Someday, I'll gift them to one of my children too. But, for now... they grace the living room!

The other end table is also black.  Different shape and approximately the same height as the square table.

Again, the vignette will not stay. I just stuck something there to fill it up.

Curtains will also go behind this end table.

Speaking of curtains, here is the fabric. I'll be spending next week sewing them.

The bones of this room are coming together, but there is still a lot to be done!

The big space between the window and french door need to be filled. I'm looking for a chest... maybe a bombay type and I would like to paint it similar to the buffet in the dining room to bring that soft muted buttery yellow into the room.

I ordered two white sea fans from Etsy and will frame those above it for the summer.

On the opposite side of the room... on the wall behind the chair and next to the french doors... I am looking for a BIG old french arched piece with lots of glass. I'm going to paint it.

They are very hard to come by in my area. I'm thinking I'll be making some trips to DC and other cities to look for this piece. Thank goodness I am patient!

I still have another chair to add. I picked up an 18th century Chinese Chippendale with a beautiful lattice back. I need to repaint and reupholster that too.

And of course, the room needs art!  That is always a process. 

I'll keep updating you as we progress. 

Next project... the curtains!


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