How many times have you said, "Why, oh WHY did I ever start this project". Of course, it was in the most pathetic and whiny voice...

I have said it a thousand times about painting and reupholstering eight eighteenth century mahogany dining room chairs!  

But finally... in between knee cap surgery... and laying hardwood floors in the living room and dining room and painting the living room and dinning room and throwing a bridal shower for my soon to be daughter-in-law and getting ready for a wedding... and day surgery on my back...


I'm still not sure I will let anyone sit on it... at least for awhile. It must be properly ooooohhhhhed and aaaaahhhhed over first! After all, it is my first chair masterpiece!

I really had no... absolutely NO NO NO idea what I was getting myself in to!

 I could see the final outcome in my mind's eye.  It was the journey getting there that was a complete blank. And that was probably a good thing. I would not have started this project if I were not totally naive about the travails of furniture reupholstering!

Here is the "before"... sorry I need a better picture with the old upholstery on it!

I have two other chairs painted and ready to be reupholstered but I need to get a compressor staple gun, as the electric one, actually two, I bought for the project are not powerful enough to sink the nails completely into the hardwood.

I am so pleased with how the paint color and the fabric work together.

To see a detailed tutorial of painting technique and colors click HERE

The fabric is called Swirl from Calico Corners. It was love at first sight!

The linen fabric is an odd color. Sorta light beige/gold with a very faint olive undertone. The nappy swirls match the color of my natural linen head chairs perfectly.

It was just so unusual and so beautiful to me. Totally my cup of tea!

The trim is braided burlap jute... plain and very simple. 

This is the third trim I put on this chair. The first one was piping I made but it looked too thin to me

... the second was... well...

(I'm whispering this part... it's a little risque...) hairy! It was all wild and fuzzy and I thought it would be cute... but on my chair... it-looked-like... if you know what I mean. If you don't, then bless your innocent heart!

I just could not sit at the dining room table eating dinner with guest... carrying on witty conversations... and smiling ... and saying, "Please pass the scalloped potatoes"... knowing we were all sitting on a p _ _ _ _  hair chairs! 

I really felt bad removing the hairy trim from the chair. The hot glue really made the fuzz stick! I finally got a pair of needle nose pliers and started ripping...sorta like giving it a Brazilian bikini wax!

I think this nice braided jute trim is fine. It does not remind me of anything the least bit personal and I am fine having dinner with it!

I plan on posting a detailed upholstering tutorial... but I want to get another chair or two done to work out any problems etc!

My goal is to have all the chair and the draperies done by Memorial Day!

Wish me luck!


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