I'd like you to meet THE SWAN AT STONEGABLE

 He is such a handsome fellow. He has lived at StoneGable as long as we have... eighteen years.

I've had several people  ask about him lately..  here is his story...

We first met in an exquisite shop called HOSPITALITY in Alexandria, Va. It was packed with the most wonderful home decor! Unfortunately the shop is no longer there.

The moment I saw him I knew that he would grace the dining room at StoneGable... which, at the time, was under construction.

But there was a one problem... he was rather expensive... to be totally honest, he was very expensive! Although I love nice things, I really don't like paying for them... at all!

After much deliberation with my mother and sister I decided to bring him home anyway... and I am sooooooo glad I did!

I don't often indulge myself when I fall in love with something... but when I do... it has always paid off  BIG TIME!

Here is the point of telling you that the swan was expensive... once in a blue moon... when you know in your heart that it is right... making an investment purchase that is not a sofa or chair or a water heater will pay for itself over and over in the long run! 

 I could still pay the mortgage and feed my children and the electricity was not cut off. Bills, family needs and necessities are always first!

But, when you are faced with a piece you may never find again and you know that it will give you joy for a lifetime...seriously think about getting it!

He is so beautifully crafted!

His underside is marked...

 I love the feathers on his back. They even make the handle of the lid!

He plays so well with all of my dishes... especially the white ones!!

I've never served soup or anything else in him... he just swims in the reflection of my dining room table...splashing beauty all around!

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