I am not a professional decorator but I've learned a lot about decorating over the years.

I am an avid reader of decor books and blogs and magazines, learning and experimenting as I read. 
And I have learned about decorating don't by the school of bad choices and mistakes! 

I love to play and try and redo and move things around. I think THAT is the best way to learn... and decorate!

One of my favorite and easiest decorating tips is to group like element together. I recently used this decorating rule on the top of my living room coffee table...

This room is very light and neutral. White done in a classic, modern way.

I originally had the white greenhouse and the two white pottery urns on the table. 

 As fall becomes winter I added candles to the vignette. Mercury glass and white candlesticks. And white and ivory candles.

But not just a few candles... lots and lots!

And kept all the element in the white color family... doubling the effect!

Grouping like elements creates drama... and synergy! 

The visual impact is big and bold and most often beautiful!

It's time to put this decorating tip into action. Shop you home for like elements and group them all together for a stunning effect!

What like elements do you group together?

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