Paperwhites and Christmas just go together... like hot chocolate and marshmallows... and Christmas trees and strings of tiny white lights!

The add a showy, yet simple beauty to any Christmas decor!

Now is the time to "force" them so they will be blooming for Christmas!

Paperwhites are so so easy to plant and grow... I'll show you how and share a few tricks to keep them fresh and pretty for the whole Christmas season...

Here is all you will need....

a wide mouth container
dirt or stones
pebbles if using dirt
Paperwhite bulbs

I get my Paperwhite bulbs from our local greenhouse. They should be very easily accessible this time of year.

Put a layer of pebbles into the bottom of a bowl for drainage. Add potting soil.  Press the bulbs, root side down, into the soil with most of the bulb above the soil.

The soil is strictly a vehicle to hold the Paperwhites upright and to deliver water to the roots.

Pack them in close together. 

Water liberally.  Keep the soil moist and put in a light room.

The Paperwhites should  be in full bloom in about 6 weeks... just in time for Christmas!

Here are a couple of tips to keep your Paperwhites healthy and beautiful...

* add Reindeer moss or other pretty cover over the dirt and let the Paperwhites grow up through it

*make sure to keep the Paperwhites well watered

* Grow Paperwhites in tall glass cylinders with white pebbles

*keep Paperwhites out of direct sunlight when blooming

*Paperwhites last longer if they are cool once they start to bloom. You can place them outdoors or in the garage at night as long as it is not below freezing.

*rotate the Paperwhite container so they grow straight

*as the Paperwhites grow they may need to be staked up. One pretty way to do that is to find thin branches and spray paint them white. Stake them up among the branches. Or use red branches for a Christmas look!

* Tie a big satin ribbon around a large clump of Paperwhites to self stake

*Remember to take in their perfumy, heady scent!

Paperwhites make the most delightful gifts for hostesses, teachers, hairdressers, etc!

Here's a VERY easy tutorial for


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