With the holiday's upon us and the weather getting nippy guest at StoneGable will want a cozy warm bed to crawl into at night!

I've made up the bed ready for Thanksgiving guest... with lots of cuddly layers and soft warm fabrics.

Here's how I pamper my guest... starting by making their bed...

The wind can really howl, here at StoneGable so I want my guest to feel snug in their beds!

I'm a white bedding kind of gal, but this fall I choosing some toasty colors to go with the white!

Let's start with soft flannel sheets in a nutmeg color. I put the flat sheet right side facing down on the bed so when I fold the edge of the sheet over the blankets it's the right side up.

I know many people don't iron much anymore... but I think it makes such a difference! I ironed the folded end of the flat sheet and the pillow cases for a very pretty and tailored bed.

I chose a down alternative, hypoallergenic blanket to go over the flat sheet and added the white quilt (Pottery Barn) that stays on the bed all year.

 I folded the edge of the quilt down and then the edge of the flannel flat sheet. It makes such a crisp looking envelope.

Next, the bottom of the bed is tucked in, under the mattress and the bedding is folded up into knife-like hospital corners.

I love the neatness of tucking bedding in...


I am very fussy about pillows! I take my own pillow everywhere.

Pillows are such a personal preference! Some like down, some like foam...

I found a pillow that I really love!

The kind people at DOWN LINENS sent me two wonderful 

to try out and I've been sleeping on them since July.  Very comfy!

I'm ordering two more for this guest room. They are very reasonably priced and very nice to sleep on!

Down Linens are giving StoneGable readers 15% off any purchase from DOWN LINENS. Just add ITSGELTIME15 at checkout. 

The pillows are stacked and arranged... The gold velvet sham is new this year. It  add a little winter luxe to the bedding!

I found this pretty sham at the Pottery Barn Outlet in the clearance bin!

Pillows are such a weakness of mine. They add texture, color and substance to bedding!

If you love pillows like me, make sure you have a big basket or some place that they can be corralled.

It's so sad when pillows have no place to go but the floor!!!

The duvet is folded at the end of the bed.  Here is a fun designer trick I learned.

Do you know why duvets covers look so fluffy and fabulous in stores and catalogs?  It's because they are often stuffed with two down duvets.

That's just what I did with the one on this bed. It's so billowy and high. Very decedent!

A fat white throw adds another layer of texture and warmth to the bed. Often times my guests will read or take a nap and a cozy throw is all they need!

I've added a bed tray that holds a few surprises!

Once, while visiting my daughter-in-law's mother in Florida, I was so delighted and surprised to find a great decor magazine and a wonderful piece of chocolate along with a sweet note tucked between my bed pillows. Victoria calls them pillow pockets. It made such a nice impression!

I'm putting several Christmas magazines and a wrapped chocolate bar on the bed tray for my guests to enjoy and take home with them.

Before they leave I'll put a note for them on the tray too.

I'll be adding a container on the bedside table with a few bottles of water, tissues, pretzels, earplugs and other sundry items right before my guest arrive.

The guest rooms are ready...

now all we need are family and guest to fill them!

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