I am a decorating drama queen! I love love love to bring drama to any decor!

And black is just the perfect way to bring some much needed ohh-la-la to my dining room...

I have been looking for a little "something" for the far corner of my dining room for awhile. So when I saw this lovely french beauty it was in the trunk of my car in no time flat!

Oh, such beautiful legs!

Her name is Margaux and she came from one of my very favorite stores, Ethan Allen. She was a floor model that I got for half price! You know I am addicted to quality at great prices! Ethan Allen has FABULOUS floor sales... and their quality is legendary!

She sits in front of the curtains I made from Ethan Allen fabric (on sale too)! I think the fabric on the seat of Margaux flatters the curtains!


Adding some black to my very light, neutral living spaces adds depth, richness and grounds the room. So Margaux was just the right touch of drama my dining room needed!

Adding a little bit of rich black to the dining room works well with the black accents in the living room...

which is just across the foyer from the dining room.

And the foyer was recently repainted with black glossy banisters.

Oh, I adore a little bit of sophisticated black! 

So welcome lovely Margaux... you are finally home!

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