Easy Scarf Napkin:

This is such an easy, effortless napkin fold. Well... actually it is not a fold at all... that is why it is so easy.
Basically, you just gather the napkin up from the middle and stick a napkin ring, bow or something that will hold it in place.

But to do a tutorial right I will demonstrate:

Choose 2 coordinating napkins. Iron napkins.  ( I make these for thanksgiving about 6 years ago)

Lay bottom napkin on a flat surface. Add second napkin on top and with points overlaping the straight edge of the bottom napkin.

Pinch the center of the napkins and lift up

Gather in your hand and slide napkin ring over top end or gather and tie a bow 1/3 of the way from the top.

Embellish bow. I tucked pyrocantha and berries under the bow.

Remember to dovetail ribbon ends, and fluff the napkin bottoms.

These napkins became part of an outdoor tablescape.  See blog 11-4-09, "Among the Fallen Leaves"
Here's a little peek!

This napkin style has so many variations. You are only limited by your imagination!