Paula Deen Tall Chest Tobacco Finish

Some peoples dreams are filled with replayed stories of their day... unrequited love... epic battles between good and evil... being chased... being naked in public.. or falling.

My reoccurring dreams are about HOUSES... usually. But lately my dreams, awake and asleep, are all about...

... the PAULA DEEN SWEET TEA TALL CHEST in tobacco (faint sound of harps playing in the background)!

Paula Deen Home 932150 Sweet Tea 8 Drawer Tall Chest In Tobacco PDH1112

This dresser is PERFECT for a bedroom I am decorating! But the price isn't ( for me, that is... I am sure it is worth EVERY hard earned penny it is sold for!). 

I am completely gutting and redecorating several bedrooms: from the flooring to the paint to the lighting to the window treatments to the furniture to the details... and I am working on a budget for each one... a very modest budget (ugh!)!

I saw this dresser months ago and every other dresser pales in comparison! I have literally looked at a hundred other dressers and they all fall so short! I honestly daydream about the PAULA DEEN SWEET TEA TALL CHEST in tobacco (sound of harps getting louder... do I hear angels?)! It haunts me... taunts me....y'all!!!!

 My budget for a dresser in this room is about $800.00. And I want a nice one, of course. I figured that I could get a good dresser on a great sale if I just looked long enough and was patient.

The PAULA DEEN SWEET TEA TALL DRESSER in tobacco (angel's chorus now singing their hearts out and a blinding halo appears around the dresser) is the PERFECT dresser! It retails for ... well, who really knows, every place I look it is different. I have seen it as high as $2,200.00 to as low as $1,575.00. And one of my favorite furniture stores has it for $2,300.00~ hey, I am a good customer (said with a snarky tone)! Maybe not so much now!!!! Tom, help me out here!

On sale I can find it as low as $1,000.00 BUT shipping brings it to about 1,300.00! That's $500.00 over my dresser budget.

Too bad this is the last piece to buy for the bedroom, I could have cut back on something else... like the rug!

HELP...I need a devious scheme... or a high finance miracle... a visitation from Paula... or a shrink! 

...and could someone PLEASE ask those angels not to sing so loudly!!!!

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