The presents are wrapped and finally under the tree.  

This year the Christmas tree is very different from years past! I left all the family ornaments packed away... all the colorful balls and happy garland too.

I have always been captivated by flocked trees, and I wanted to create a snowy tree this year...

This tree was very hard to photograph for some reason... the images don't do it justice.

Lots of snowy picks and white painted branches and snow crusted balls and snowflakes.... and powdered covered nests filled with pinecones and lots of white lights.

The small icy balls were made with inexpensive clear balls that I painted with tacky glue and rolled in Epson salts.

From the bottom of the tree...

To the tippy top... It is decked out in wintery white!

I wrapped the presents under the tree in brown or white paper this year... I used one of the tin snowflakes from the tree to make the snowflake patterns on some of the brown paper.

Brown twine and black and white plaid ribbon were used to tie up each gift. For a splash of Christmas fun a red bow was added here and there...

Greens were tucked into some of the bows... they are not real... that will be our little secret!

I used baskets to corral all the gifts... we are having a big crowd so there are gifts under the tree for everyone...

Even gifts for Scamp... he loves Christmas too!!!

Doesn't he look dapper in his sweater... It has a moose on the back of it!


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